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2021 First Half Review

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New Investments:

R2CP partnered directly with management to close a junior capital investment in Advanced Global Resources (“AGR”).  Investment proceeds funded AGR’s acquisition of Engineering & Software Consultants, Inc, a provider of big data management, scientific analysis, and advanced data analytics for critical infrastructure to federal government agencies, including the Department of Transportation.  AGR is a technology consulting firm that provides digital enterprise transformation, cloud computing solutions, data science and analytics, application development, managed services, and business operations. The acquisition expands AGR’s scope, expertise, and customer base.

R2CP closed a subordinated debt and equity investment in Continental Mapping Consultants, LLC (“CMC”) to support the acquisition of Geographic Information Services, Inc.  As a result, CMC is now one of the largest pure play geospatial services and solutions companies in North America with offices in five states and over 350 employees distributed across 30 states.  Sourcing data from earth, sky, and space, CMC develops actionable intelligence to enhance critical decision-making for government and private entities focused on national security, mobility, infrastructure, and environmental concerns.

Portfolio News & Add-On Investments:

R2CP invested additional capital to support the continued growth of Barton Watch Bands. Barton Watch Bands manufactures a wide range of watchbands and sells directly to consumers via eCommerce platforms.

R2CP provided incremental debt and equity capital to support the acquisition of Darkblade Systems Corporation by Intrepid Solutions and Services LLC (“Intrepid”).  Intrepid is a leading provider of IT modernization, cybersecurity, analytics, and advanced intelligence training services to customers across the U.S. intelligence community.  The acquisition nearly doubles Intrepid’s size and grows its ability to deliver advanced technology products and services to the intelligence community.

CompassMSP, a managed IT services provider for small to medium-sized businesses with nine locations nationwide, recently announced the acquisition of Tarrytech Computer Consultants, Inc. The Tarrytech office will operate within CompassMSP’s Northeast region.

Please contact Scott Kester, Patrick Weston, Jay White, or Spalding White to discuss these transactions or other investment opportunities.

R2CP Upcoming Conference Schedule:

ACG Raleigh Durham Capital Conference (Raleigh, NC)

Southern Capital Forum Annual Conference (Atlanta, GA)

ACG Virginia Capital Conference (Richmond, VA)

SBIA National Summit for Middle Market Funds (Palm Beach, FL)

McGuireWoods Independent Sponsor Conference (Dallas, TX)

ACG Charlotte Deal Crawl (Charlotte, NC)

ACG Florida Capital Connection (Orlando, FL)

About Route 2 Capital Partners
R2CP is a private investment firm providing flexible junior capital solutions to lower middle market companies, primarily in the southern U.S. The firm’s partners possess over 100 years of combined investment, transactional and operational experience. R2CP seeks to invest in established companies with minimum annual revenues and EBITDA of $10 million and $2 million, respectively, that generate predictable and profitable cash flows. R2CP’s investment proceeds will be used to execute growth and expansion plans, support business recapitalizations and facilitate management buyouts. For more information, visit